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Standard Open Access is committed to helping an international community of research scholars to share their work to the global scientific community without any restrictions. We promote ethically put forward publications across multiple specialties which enclose journals on the discipline of science, technology, medical and veterinary, ensure the highest possible efficiency, credibility and reliability in the articles we publish. We maintain a superior level of integrity and scientific relationship with authors, researchers and academicians. We support and encourage authors from every corner of the globe to submit their articles.

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We embrace high moral standards to deliver the best research outcomes. Our vision is to build a scientific world in which all the individual is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge and empower the scientific community to share innovations and latest technologies in various disciplines and make the world more open and connected to the research advancements.


As a standard publisher, it is our aim to provide a great platform for professors, Medical Practitioner, academic scholars and researchers, to publish their research work and share innovative ideas and information instantly, without barriers. To achieve these goals, our cornerstones are: Competency, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency and Fairness.