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Dr. Joanne M. Falzone, D.M.D Professor
Department of Comprehensive Care
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Boston, MA, USA

My biography is quite simple, I have been involved with the Dental Profession since I was a very young girl. I began my career as a dental assistant working every day after school while in high school, and every Saturday as well as all vacation and holidays. I became a Dental Hygienist before entering Dental school to help to pay for my education. I had a very rewarding career as a partner in a multi-specialty practice for 12 years.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to stop practicing clinical dentistry. I was absolutely at a loss as to what avenue I should take with my life, as I Love my profession and was not ready to give it up. A dear classmate and friend of mine was a part-time faculty member at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He convinced me to interview there, and the rest is History!

For the past 26 years I have matriculated to becoming a Full Professor. I have Co-Directed many courses, and I have successfully Directed Dental Anatomy/Craniofacial Function for 13 years. I have mentored thousands of my students with love and empathy, and I wear the title MaMa Falzone with pride!

My Sicilian parents nurtured me, gave me unconditional love, and guided me to reach for the stars, and I have, and I always will! They told me that education is number 1; they were so very correct. I have one brother, Paul, who is as dear to me as can be. My husband of 34 years, Peter, and I are very happily married and have 2 sons both of which I am so Proud. Peter Samuel, and Adam Robert Cherubini true financial wizards. Both work and live in New York City for JP Morgan Chase, and Greensill Capitol, respectively.

My research interests involve student wellness, the efficacy of different courses and teaching methods. I am, at the present time, working on 2 research projects. The first is concerning a-synchronous learning and its effect on the many Community Health Services provided across the nation. The second is about the ability to tutor internationally via a dental key.


  • 1973 A.S.  Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene (SummaCum Laude)
  • 1977 B.S.  Northeastern University (Biology, Minor Chemistry) (Cum Laude)
  • 1980 D.M.D.  Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

  • Research Principle for a Master’s Thesis in Virtual Teaching
  • Research Principle for a Dental Anatomy Review project
  • Dental Student Development
  • Dental Student Wellness
  • Third Molar Growth

  1. 2020 Present Co-Author of My Dental Key an International online study guide
  2. 2018 Co-authored “The Chronology of Tooth Development” 
  3. 2018 Authored “A Complete Review of Craniofacial Function” A study Guide for Craniofacial Function 1
  4. 2016 Present Editor for The Journal of Oral Health and Dentistry Research Editor for the International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health
  5. 2016 Authored “All you wanted to know about The Deciduous Dentition” A Study Guide of the Morphology of The Deciduous Dentition                  
  6. 2013 Identifying Stress Levels in the Dental Student at TUSDM; Survey
  7. 2013 Abstract: How to Become a Top Notch Clinician at TUSDM; Survey
  8. 2011 Authored “All you wanted to know about Dental Anatomy but were afraid to ask” A Study Guide of the Morphology of The Permanent Dentition
  9. 2008 Present Authored Syllabus and All Handouts for Dental Anatomy and Occlusion Course
  10. 2006 Present Author of Articles for the ASDA Newsletters